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            Building Materials

            Our solutions address industrial processing challenges across all areas of the building materials sector including fiberglass filament, mat and insulation, flat glass, ceiling tiles and fiber cement manufacturing. We can help you improve process operations, manage your use of water and reduce energy consumption – leading to reduced total operating costs, improved production quality, and favorable bottom-line results while extending your asset life.

            Fiberglass solutions

            Fiberglass Mat

            Fiberglass Mat manufacturers face the challenge of meeting the demands on end-product performance from roofing mat, drywall mat, reinforcement mat or any other new fiberglass mat innovations.? We incorporate mechanical, operational and chemical elements that enable you to run machines faster and more efficiently while maintaining product quality and improving your total cost of operation.

            Fiberglass Insulation

            Producing insulation, based on finished product performance requirements at an optimized cost, is a complex challenge for manufacturers. Our approach allows you to manage the water in the process to maintain quality while improving the reuse of the wash water while also protecting your production assets from corrosion and scale buildup.

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